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  5. Android phones get Symantec security app

Android phones get Symantec security app

Android phones get Symantec security app

Antivirus and security software firm Symantec has created the first-ever Norton application designed to keep Android-based smartphones safe from viruses and unwanted snoopers.

The app is currently available from the Android Market in a pre-release beta form with a three-month free trial to let users try before they buy.

There are already a number of security apps for the Android platform, but none that come from such an established firm.

The Norton app lets phone owners search for malware and viruses and blocks calls. It also enables people to delete personal data from their mobiles remotely to keep information safe in the event that the handset is lost or stolen.

Sadly there is no GPS tracking feature integrated into the app, so if a phone is mislaid users will not be able to see where it has wound up.

At the moment there are still questions as to whether it is necessary to regularly scan an Android smartphone for malware, but the Norton app will apparently make its way through over 100 apps in about half a minute and notify the owner if any are harmful.

The call blocking feature of the Norton app provides the facility to assign blocked numbers to be automatically screened and this also applies to text messages from unwanted correspondents.

Whilst the Norton app is at the beta stage it is likely to remain a free to download program, but until there is a proven threat from malware on a widespread scale it might struggle to entice many people to fork out hard earned cash.

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