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Google Docs updated for smartphones

Google Docs updated for smartphones

The functionality of the Google Docs service from the search giant has been improved, offering further viewing compatibility for both the iPhone's iOS platform and its own Android software.

The all-new Google Docs now allows users to view PDFs and documents from the latest versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint presentations - although editing most of these document types is still impossible using the viewer.

Mickey Kataria of Google said: "With our mobile viewer you can switch quickly between pages and pan/zoom within a page. On your iPhone and iPad, you can pinch to zoom in or out."

Google Docs launched at the start of 2010 and allows staff to collaborate on documents and share data using the cloud computing platform that Google has been building.

It has been mooted that the upgraded edition of the software could eventually remove the need for document viewing apps to be installed on smartphones as all of its features operate in a standard web browser.

Observers have criticised the poor quality of certain document formats when rendered using Google Docs and it seems that these issues are present in both the desktop PC and smartphone versions of the service.

Google's ultimate goal is to overtake Microsoft as the provider of choice for office software, although the entrenched nature of Word and other Office family members will make this task difficult.

To access the service from a compatible smartphone, users will need to visit

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