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Android 3.0 phones landing November?

Android 3.0 phones landing November?

The next version of Android has had its major features and details exposed online, showing some promising capabilities.

Android 3.0, aka Gingerbread, was first unveiled via Russian website Digestive and it was only some nifty translation by UnwiredView and Mobile Review that let us get the lowdown on the next Google smartphone platform.

The first build of Android 3.0 will reportedly be sent to app developers in October 2010, with the first smartphones based on the platform due to appear from November.

Google is also apparently going along the same route as Microsoft and insisting on minimum requirements for handsets using Android 3.0, which include a 1GHz processor clock speed, 512MB of RAM and a 3.5 inch display.

Any smartphone with a screen of four inches or more will need to support the native resolution of 1280x720 and the equivalent pixel density will apply as smaller screened mobiles join the Android 3.0 club.

Google is hoping that with Android 3.0 the manufacturers will no longer need to produce their own interfaces to sit on top of its base offering, as it will be totally overhauling the whole look and feel of the platform.

Android versions between 2.0 and 2.2 will continue to be sold when Gingerbread arrives. However, Google is planning to distinguish the two platforms and their variants from one another by making older versions the choice for budget smartphones, whilst high powered flagship devices get the latest software package.

Google has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

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