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Android 3.0 rumours refuted by Google

Android 3.0 rumours refuted by Google

Reports that Android 3.0, aka Gingerbread, will only be compatible with more expensive Android mobiles have been refuted by Google.

One of the major aspects noted in the rumours that surfaced last week was the suggestion that Android Gingerbread would have some hefty minimum specifications, particularly in relation to screen size and minimum resolution.

These would have left many current generation Android smartphones without an upgrade route available, according to Gizmodo.

However, Dan Morrillhas of Google has since turned to Twitter to categorically deny the suggestions.

He Tweeted: "I love it when people just make stuff up and report it as news. In summary, please remember that rumors are not official announcements. ;)."

There is still a significant development period for Android Gingerbread to before it is released, so any early information is likely to prove unreliable in the long term.

Last week saw Android 2.2 rolled out to Google Nexus One users, with the latest iteration of the search giant's operating system apparently due to land on phones from the likes of HTC and Samsung imminently.

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