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Android scores with developers

Android scores with developers

Developers are flocking to the Android platform as the smartphone platform of choice, suggesting that Google could be beating Apple in the software arms race.

A global survey of developers authored by VisionMobile said that 60 per cent of developers had carried out work using Android, which is 10 per cent higher than those who claimed to have worked on software for Apple's iOS.

Both Java and Symbian platforms had been used by 50 per cent of respondents, although the dominance of these two is slipping in comparison with just two years ago, according to the developers.

40 per cent of developers have created software for the Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS platforms and smaller percentages had worked with webOS and the other minor players.

Android and the iOS platform are polarising the developer community, with most choosing one or the other, but not both. Only a fifth of developers said they had released an app on either one of these two major platforms and subsequently ported the app to the alternative.

The report outlines the change in the landscape of the smartphone software market, with developer allegiances switching from faltering, older platforms in favour of current market leaders.

VisionMobile's Andreas Constantinou said: "In the last two years, a mindshare migration has taken place for mobile developers away from the incumbent platforms Symbian, Java ME and Windows Phone, while a substantial number of PC software developers have flocked to iPhone and Android.

"Anecdotal developer testimonials suggest that half of Windows Phone MVP developers (valued for their commitment to the platform) carry an iPhone and would think twice before re-investing in Windows Phone."

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