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  5. Google Nexus One put out to pasture

Google Nexus One put out to pasture

Google Nexus One put out to pasture

The Nexus One will only be on sale for a few weeks more after Google announced that it had taken delivery of its final order of the smartphone from HTC.

The online retail outlet will close once Google has depleted its stocks of the handset, but UK network provider Vodafone is set to continue offering it for an as yet unspecified time.

Any developer looking to build an Android app will be able to get hold of a Nexus One directly from Google, but it will become increasingly difficult for consumers to pick up the phone.

The smartphone has only been on the market since January this year and it was initially praised for being the first phone that might be able to dethrone Apple's iPhone.

However, sales that barely scraped above half a million and better performance from other Android mobiles has lead to Google's discontinuation of the Nexus One.

Google had been rumoured to be developing a Nexus Two or similar to follow on from the Nexus One in the near future, but now it appears set to become a curio.

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