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Google: no plans for Nexus Two?

Google: no plans for Nexus Two?

Google appears to have scrapped plans for a range of branded smartphones, with the news that it has no plans for a follow-up to the Nexus One.

This forecast is based on an interview with Google's Eric Schmidt, in which he said the Nexus One was designed to promote the Android operating system rather than become a huge success in the hardware market to rival the iPhone.

Mr Schmidt told the Daily Telegraph: "The idea a year and a half ago was to do the Nexus One to try to move the phone platform hardware business forward. It clearly did. It was so successful, we didn't have to do a second one.

"We would view that as positive but people criticised us heavily for that. I called up the board and said: 'Ok, it worked. Congratulations - we're stopping'."

The decision to pull out of the space comes amid huge sales for third-party mobiles that use the search giant's platform, including HTC's Legend and Desire and soaring demand for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S.

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