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Yahoo apps come to Android phones

Yahoo apps come to Android phones

Android smartphone owners will be able to get native support for Yahoo services via a number of new applications created by the firm, which has also launched updated iOS 4 editions for the iPhone.

Yahoo's webmail and instant messaging apps have been ported across to Android and the iOS-based smartphones from Apple will also be able to take advantage of some new HTML5 features that Yahoo has integrated into its web clients.

This will allow for better offline access to its services and fuller cross-platform integration.

Yahoo has chosen to divide its Android-based services into separate apps rather than opting for an all-in-one solution, which may strike some as slightly odd given that users are being taught that unifying communications is the way forward in the smartphone market.

The two Yahoo apps for Android mentioned above are available to download in the UK as of now, but there is one more that is currently stranded in the US.

However, Android owners may not be interested in the absence of the Yahoo search widget given that Google's specialisation is in online fact-finding.

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