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  5. Android phone sales hit 200,000 a day

Android phone sales hit 200,000 a day

Android phone sales hit 200,000 a day

Google's head Eric Schmidt has announced that 200,000 smartphones based on the search giant's Android operating system are selling worldwide in every 24 hour period.

Mr Schmidt announced that the firm expects mobile revenues generated from searching to overtake those earned from desktop users in the near future, although he would not place a date on when this landmark event will occur.

"It looks like Android isn't just phenomenal, but an incredibly phenomenal success in its growth rate," said Mr Schmidt during a speech at the Techonomy event in the US.

He faced questions over whether Google would be joining the social networking market as a direct competitor to Facebook, but he was coy in his response, saying only that "We always believe that our products would be better with more social signals."

News of Mr Schmidt's bullishness comes as data from NPD showed that Android managed to make its way onto a third of the smartphones purchased between April and June.

BlackBerry maker has lost out to Google in recent months, dropping into second place in the sales charts Stateside after dominating for three years, according to NPD.

This means it has lost nine per cent of the market share, largely thanks to the popularity of Motorola's Droid.

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