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Google Goggles coming to iPhone

Google Goggles coming to iPhone

Google will be adding another app to the iPhone's library later in the year, with Google Goggles expected to bring visual search functions to Apple's smartphone.

"We're working on an iPhone version and hope to have it out by the end of the year," said Google engineer David Petrou during a conference this week.

Android users have been able to use Goggles since December 2009. However, Mr Petrou revealed that transferring the platform to alternative smartphone operating systems is proving to be a challenge.

He believes that the best way to bridge the gap between Android and the iPhone is to build apps which exist on the web and are accessible via any smartphone browser.

Google perceives that although it might be an attractive proposition to publish Goggles in HTML5 to offer browser-based iPhone compatibility, the reality is that there are currently insufficient tools to make this a viable option.

"The unfortunate reality is that we have to write client apps. If something were a web app, we could change and test on one per cent of our traffic, just like that," said Mr Petrou.

Mr Petrou was open as to the limitations of the Goggles technology, saying that it was not something that could be consistently relied upon to work, according to The Register.

The app is able to give results in a third of all cases thanks to its library of a billion images, but needs more time to grow and improve before it is routinely accurate.

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