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  5. Google slams Oracle's Java legal action

Google slams Oracle's Java legal action

Google slams Oracle's Java legal action

Google has responded angrily to Oracle's claim that the search giant's Android platform infringes Java-based patent disputes, ahead of the announcement that Oracle will be pressing ahead with legal action.

Earlier this week, Oracle took its complaints to a federal court in the US, claiming that Google was knowingly in contravention of Java patents which have become its property following its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

The suit involves several elements of Android, Google's smartphone operating system that has surged in popularity over the last 12 months.

A Google spokesperson said: "We are disappointed Oracle has chosen to attack both Google and the open-source Java community with this baseless lawsuit.

"We will strongly defend open-source standards and will continue to work with the industry to develop the Android platform."

Google has yet to issue an official response, with the original spokesperson's statement, which appeared in USA Today, lacking subsequent support or ratification from the firm.

Commenting on Oracle's chances in a lawsuit, blogger and open source expert Florian Muller stated: "I find it impossible to imagine that the patents Oracle tries to enforce here would be infringed only by closed-source components and not by Android's many open-source components.

"Therefore, I consider this a patent attack on free software and open source."

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