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  5. Piracy rife among Android phone users

Piracy rife among Android phone users

Piracy rife among Android phone users

Widespread piracy is preventing Android developers from turning the kind of bumper profits yielded by iPhone apps, it has been claimed.

Developer Hexage, which has found relative success with its arcade-style shooter Radiant, has revealed that although it had penetrated the top ten best selling Android apps in June 2010, it was convinced that 97 per cent of people that played it were doing so using a pirated version.

A study conducted by the company found that piracy levels are highest in Asia at 97 per cent, while in Europe they float around 70 per cent, dropping off to 43 per cent in the US and Canada.

David Peroutka of Hexage told Business Insider that it's difficult to discern exactly how much sales are affected by piracy, but that he believes they could as much as triple if Google succeeds in tightening anti-piracy measures with the updated Android licensing solution.

Although Android is severely impacted by piracy, Apple's iPhone is not completely free from its effects, with popular games and apps clocking 90 per cent levels of piracy.

This was the principal factor behing a rash of savvy developers making their apps free and then charging for access to premium content.

The recent legalisation of iPhone jailbreaking in the US could lead to increased iPhone illicit trading of apps, but Mr Peroutka still believes that Android will remain the pirate's platform of choice.

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