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Dell working on 7-inch Android tablet

Dell working on 7-inch Android tablet

US computer giant Dell is already working on its next Android-powered tablet, according to CEO Michael Dell.

Dell, who was speaking at Oracle WorldWorld in San Francisco, revealed only that it will feature a seven-inch screen, a panel size that is increasingly becoming the sweet spot for tablets, with Samsung, Acer and even Apple reportedly prepping more compact tablet computers.

Dell’s previous and only Android tablet, the Streak, which was marketed as a ‘tablet/smartphone hybrid’, featured a five-inch panel and went on sale in the UK this summer.

Although it was an impressive first effort as we revealed in our review, the Streak was generally criticised for being too small to be a tablet and too big to be a smartphone. So going with a bigger screen seems like a natural progression for Dell’s next device.

While there is no name for it yet, industry watchers believe the new tablet is the same as the rumoured ‘Looking Glass’ tablet leaked in internal documents to Engadget back in April.

Specs of the Looking Glass include an NVidia Tegra 2 processor, 1.3-megapixel camera, 4GB internal memory with an SDHC slot expandable up to 32GB, and even a TV tuner. Although it’s meant to run on Android 2.1, that will likely change by the time the tablet is officially unveiled.

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