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Rage coming to Android phones?

Rage coming to Android phones?

A job advert posted by id Software has set tongues wagging that its slick Rage first person shooter is coming to Android smartphones.

The notice reveals that the developer is seeking a “talented and experienced programmer to help bring our next big Mobile game to the Android space”.

Cryptically the name of the title is kept under wraps, but the ad has nonetheless set the rumour mill in motion that it could be Rage – the game that showcased the iPhone 4’s new Game Center at the recent Apple conference.

Adding weight to the rumours is that the job ad specifically mentions that the game will use an “existing id Mobile engine” rather than one built from scratch that a wholly original, new title would necessitate.

The prospect of Rage landing on Android is likely to excite supporters of the platform even more than users of the iPhone, who are much better served for games.

Check out the iPhone version of Rage in action below

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