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Top 10 Google Android tablets

Top 10 Google Android tablets

The arrival of the Galaxy Tab is set to spark a rush of new Android tablets, as Google’s partners look to gain ground on the iPad in the run-up to Christmas. LG’s own effort is just round the corner, while Archos is already up and running with its bargain machines. So what else can you expect? Well, plenty as it happens. Without further ado, here’s our top 10 Android tablets.

1 Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Official and due imminently, the Galaxy Tab could well be the ultimate Android tablet. Crammed with FroYo, a lush seven-inch panel and access to Sammy’s new Media Hub iTunes rival, it’s set to be the number one iPad rival.


2 LG Optimus Pad

lg optimus pad 1

LG is never far behind Samsung, thanks to its fierce rivalry at home in South Korea. While the Optimus Pad hasn’t been given the official nod, it’s been teased relentlessly.

Android 2.2 is said to be the cornerstone, while LG has claimed it’ll be “thinner and lighter” than its rivals, with “superior performance”. We await its arrival with interest.


3 Toshiba Folio 100

toshiba folio

Tosh’s Google tablet lacks 3G, meaning that under the Big G’s strict rules it cannot have Android Market on board. That also means apps aren’t readily available for this slate.

Early reports also suggest it’s not quite up there with key rivals like the Galaxy Tab, thanks to shonky design, although the Nvidia Tegra 2 chip and 10.1-inch screen work in its favour.


4 Motorola Tablet

Moto’s CEO has already talked up the mobile maker’s plans to unleash an Android tablet before the year is out, but as yet there’s not been any news on when exactly it will land. What we do know is that it’ll have a 10.1-inch panel, with word also doing the rounds that it’ll have Android Gingerbread sitting pretty inside.


5 Archos 70

archos 70

Archos has been working on Android tablets longer than anyone, releasing its first earlier this year.

The Archos 70 is one of four new models. It has a seven-inch panel, with 8GB flash model for £229 and a 250GB HDD version for £269. It even has 3D graphics acceleration. There’s also a 10.1-inch Archos 101, although for the 70 is definitely where it’s at.


6 ViewSonic ViewPad 7

viewsonic viewpad

This number works as a phone as well as 3G-enabled tablet, which will make you look like Dom Joly when you whip it out on the train. Comical uses aside, this is a solid effort, with sleek design, Android 2.1 and a multitouch panel for zipping about web pages and firing off messages using the virtual keyboard.


7 Notion Ink Adam

notion ink adam

A real tech fanatic’s dream and a tablet that’s been hyped beyond belief for a year, the Notion Ink Adam lands in the US in November. It’ll come with Android 2.2, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G, as well as a Pixel Qi Display, which can flick between colour and black and white, making it perfect for reading and watching flicks.


8 Viliv X10

viliv 5

Its final release hasn’t been confirmed, but this 10-inch stunner can play back 720p HD video, handle 3G and even has an HDMI port for playing back clips over your TV. Of course, the iPad can now do that with AirPlay, but this is still a worthwhile addition to tablet market. And with 10 hour battery life, this is aiming for the top.


9 Dell Streak

Dell Streak

Already out and doing the business, the Dell Streak has been a real game changer for the otherwise staid PC maker. Essentially a large phone, its tablet skills provide a perfect compromise between a full-on smartphone and the big-time stylings of a full scale tablet. Plus it’s dead cheap on contract.


10 MSI Android tablet

msi tablet

Yet to get a final name, this 10-inch slab from PC maker MSI could well be an affordable alternative to other, pricier Android tablets. Word is it’s working on multiple models, which means an affordable version could well be on the cards.


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