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  5. Angry Birds Android hits 2m: Android Market’s watershed moment?

Angry Birds Android hits 2m: Android Market’s watershed moment?

Angry Birds Android hits 2m: Android Market’s watershed moment?

Hitting a million - and then two million a day later - downloads is always a big moment for any app, regardless of what it does. But when that app is the runaway iOS success Angry Birds and when it reaches the marker within 24 hours of landing on Google Android, it’s definitely something worth getting excited about.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been sitting at or near the top of the App Store’s games chart for months. And its arrival on Android has been widely hailed as a huge deal for Google’s platform. While Android Market is chock full of great apps, iOS’s surge in popularity has put it somewhat in the shade. But the news from Angry Birds’ maker’s Rovio Mobile that the Google version of their game had surpassed two million downloads, and in doing so had brought app emporium GetJar to its knees, is something special indeed.

For one, it shows that the Android Market is a serious proposition for game developers. This has been the case for some time, but if other devs see these figures, then of course they’re going to want a slice of the action.

Apple’s Game Center and its huge user base are undoubtedly appealing, but the wide array of Android phones and their growing availability makes creating games for them far more attractive. It also proves that there’s life beyond the App Store. The wider public’s perception of apps is still seen as limited to the iPhone, but the fact that Android Market can host such a popular add-on will doubtless help purveyors of Google phones to sell even more of them.

After all, what’s not to like about playing Angry Birds on a 4-inch super AMOLED screen? It easily matches up to doing the same on a smaller Retina Display panel.

Greater awareness of Android Market among mobile consumers might also help to hammer home the fact that Google operates a much more open shop than Apple, even with Cupertino’s recent relaxation of its rules governing the approval of apps. That it’s more open will doubtless be appreciated by those who are yet to jump on the Android bandwagon.

The popularity of apps has perhaps been the most defining story of the past two years, not just in smartphones, but in technology in general. And while Android Market has helped lead the line, Angry Birds success on the platform proves that it has what it takes to not only take on Apple’s App Store, but see it off too. Here’s hoping for more million-selling apps on Android.

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