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Google Nexus Two Android 2.3 smartphone incoming for Xmas?

Google Nexus Two Android 2.3 smartphone incoming for Xmas?

A second Google-branded smartphone will go on sale before Christmas, exclusively through Carephone Warehouse, reports suggest.

The original Nexus One failed to match the pre-sales hype, with consumers instead choosing the likes of the similarly Android powered HTC Desire.

Since then, Google has discontinued the handset. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO Andy Rubin appeared to rule out a second phone carrying the search giant’s branding, suggesting that instead it will focus on boosting take up for its operating system among third-party manufacturers.

However, according to a report from business daily City A.M, Google has apparently performed a U-turn on this policy and is set to try again with the Google Nexus Two.

Unlike its original effort, though, this time the phone will not be exclusive to a single carrier (Vodafone in the UK) but will be sold solely through Carphone Warehouse across a choice of networks, the news provider claims.

A source familiar with developments, said: “It looks like Google is experimenting with the future of its mobile model in the UK. It tried releasing through a single carrier, now it is trying a single retailer.

“It could be a solution to the problems it experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store – this solves that.”

It's not yet clear whether the device will run the latest, greatest 2.3 version of Android. But that'd make a lot of sense, if Google is looking to give the handset a USP in the increasingly crowded Android marketplace. Until updates arrive for older devices, anyway.

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