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Android SkyFire app due for major update?

Android SkyFire app due for major update?

Android phone owners can look forward to a radically overhauled version SkyFire, the company behind the best-selling browser has hinted.

SkyFire disclosed its plans for Android via a Tweet in which it somewhat cryptically stated that it is currently “working on something awesome to share with you soon” and that the new update “will change the way you browse with your Android!”

What’s not yet clear is what those radical changes will be - although we're not ruling out live, as you type results a la Google Instant. It's also not confirmed yet whether Skyfire’s much-trumpeted new features will arrive in version 2.2, the beta version of which is available to download right now in the Android Market.

Additions announced for that update so far include support for HTML5 Geolocation, faster searches and vertical search results, with “several result options…available, such as Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter and Amazon”.

The iPhone edition of the app debuted in the App Store last week, bringing Flash video to iOS devices for the first time. Within days it had racked up some $1 million (£600,000) of revenue as iPhone owners rushed to get their mitts on it.

The pent-up demand for the browser among iFans appears to fly in the face of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ claims that Flash is an anomally in the age of touchscreen devices.

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