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  5. Angry Birds developer apologises to Angry Fandroids

Angry Birds developer apologises to Angry Fandroids

Angry Birds developer apologises to Angry Fandroids

Rovio, the makers of casual gaming phenom Angry Birds, has apologised to disgruntled Android users who have been experiencing problems running the game.

In a blog post, Rovio has asked for fans’ forgiveness for being “unsuccessful in delivering optimal performance” for low-end Android devices.

It turns out that older, less-powerful Android smarties such as the HTC Wildfire aren’t quite up to the task in running the physics-based puzzler smoothly. Some versions have been reported to display a black screen, while others fail to load up at all.

Rovio confirmed recently that it is working on a ‘lightweight’ version of the game. It said that it hesitated to create multiple versions of the game for the same platform to avoid over-stretching its resources. But after receiving feedback, it said it will continue to develop the lightweight version as a “favour” for the fans.

We definitely welcome Rovio’s determination to keep fans happy and to spread this amazing game to as many people out there as possible. However, we are also a bit saddened to see it having to apologise for a problem that is clearly Google’s fault more than anyone else.

Fragmentation continues to be a thorn on the side for Android no matter how well it is performing in sales. Eventually the frustration of users will catch up to its success and Google will have no choice but to follow Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 route and standardise the hardware requirements for using the operating system.

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