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Netflix coming to Android platform ‘early next year’

Netflix coming to Android platform ‘early next year’

Netflix, the hugely popular video-on-demand service Stateside will be making its way to select Android handsets next year.

Greg Peters of Netflix’s product development department confirmed in a blog post that the company is still working on bringing the VOD service to Android smarties early next year, after it recently released the service on the newly launched Windows Phone 7 platform.

Greg stated that the real reason behind the delay has been the “lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available for Android”.

“The same security issues that have led to piracy concerns on the Android platform have made it difficult for us to secure a common Digital Rights Management (DRM) system on these devices”, he added.

“We live to get Netflix on new devices, so the current lack of an Android-generic approach to quickly get to all Android devices is frustrating.

"But I’m happy to announce we’ll launch select Android devices that will instantly stream from Netflix early next year.” The revelation regarding even a generic security mechanism on Android is a further slap in Google’s face, as it has already been exposed multiple times for security flaws that have cast doubts over its credibility as a secure platform.

Still, for those holding out hope for watching Netflix on their Android smarties, at least the lucky ones in the US can experience it soon, provided they own one of the supported devices.

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