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Google Maps 5.0 demo’d on Nexus S

Google Maps 5.0 demo’d on Nexus S

Smartphone users have been offered a preview of the forthcoming 5.0 version of Google’s mapping software, via an official clip courtesy of the search giant.

Check out Google Maps 5.0 in action in the clip below

Posted on Google’s YouTube page, the video shows Maps 5.0 running on a Nexus S phone – the Android powered, second-ever Google branded handset that’s on pre-order now from £35 per month.

Chief among the improvements that the new iteration brings is the option to cache maps for use later – a real boon for the navigationally challenged. That means that if you’re a bit lost you don’t have to load up the interweb each time you want to consult your map.

You’re also now able to view buildings in 3D, get traffic reports and updates and avail yourself of a latitude feature, whereby you can find out the exact location of your chums.

The Galaxy S debuts the latest version of Google’s operating system Android 2.3, AKA Gingerbread, and packs a five megapixel camera with LED flash, a four-inch WVGA touchscreen and a secondary VGA camera for video calling.

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