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Top 10 things you need to know about Android Honeycomb

Top 10 things you need to know about Android Honeycomb

Joe Minihane busts Honeycomb myths and gives his two cents on what Fandroids can expect from Google's latest, sweetest iteration of the Android operating system.

1. Don’t call it 3.0

Android Honeycomb won’t be the 3.0 version of Google’s mobile OS. Word from devs is that it will instead by Android, an iterative update rather than the revolutionary overhaul that some had been hoping for.

android honeycomb mascot

2. It’s coming at Mobile World Congress

The smart money has Android Honeycomb pegged for release at February’s Mobile World Congress. That would give it the chance to try and battle Windows Phone 7’s planned upgrade, as well as the expected unveiling of Nokia MeeGo. But there’ll be a chance to see it before that because...

3. Tablets are its main concern

CES in January will see a slew of Android Honeycomb tablets trailed. Motorola has already slipped deets of its Honeycomb effort, as good as confirming it’ll run the new version of the OS.

4. Samsung will tout a Honeycomb tablet too

Not to be outdone by Motorola, and unwilling to sit on the laurels of its million-selling Galaxy Tab, Samsung has also confirmed it’ll be plying a Honeycomb slate. Galaxy Tab 2 or something else? CES should reveal all.

5. And LG doesn’t fancy being left out either

LG will finally jump onto the tablet bandwagon with Android Honeycomb taking centre stage. Word is its LG Pad will be primed and ready for Las Vegas in January too.

6. The UI promises to be different

Andy Rubin, Android’s head, has already shown off Motorola’s Honeycomb slate and the UI was certainly different. It lacks the Android buttons of old and looks more like a desktop OS than a mobile one. Only time will tell if this is Moto’s own take on Honeycomb.

7. Physical buttons could be a goner

The iPhone’s single home button approach could be coming to Android, with well-placed rumours suggesting Google will let OEMs ditch back buttons and other cumbersome extras for an even more touchscreen-focused approach.

8. It won’t be in the limelight for long

Honeycomb’s successor, Android Ice Cream, won’t be far behind. Google I/O, the May event which this year saw FroYo take a bow, is where this version is likely to land, giving Honeycomb around three months as number one.

9. But phones will feel the love too MWC will see a slew of Android Honeycomb smartphones make an appearance, with HTC likely to lead the line as it looks to consolidate its place as the hottest Android handset maket in town.

10. Video chat to rival FaceTime

Ok, FaceTime might be anywhere near as cool as Apple thinks it is. But that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t want to better it and Honeycomb promises to do just that with native video chat skill, already leaked by Andy Rubin himself.

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