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Android Gingerbread Easter egg surfaces

Android Gingerbread Easter egg surfaces

Keen-eyed devs have spotted a pretty if also pretty pointless Easter egg in the latest version of the Android operating system, depicting Google’s robot mascot in a pretty scary situation.

Check out the Easter egg for yourself below

Uncovered by some of the coves at Android Central the art shows every uber geek’s favourite automaton surrounded on all sides by zombies, one of whom is an undead version of a Gingerbread man who's kindly given his name to the most recent iteration of Google’s platform.

To get a look at it, you need to head to menu option on your Google Nexus S, choose settings and select the ‘Android Version’ option. Then just repeatedly tap it to bring up the artwork.

You’ll also be able to see it if you’ve got a development ROM of the Nexus One. But we’re guessing that’s not many of you.

There’s no concrete date set as to when Gingerbread will be hitting the Nexus One officially. But a tweet from the search giant dated Jan 4th announced it’ll happen “in the coming weeks”.

If you haven’t got a Google branded phone, ETA is anyone’s guess. But after the delays that have blighted other iterations, we wouldn’t advise holding your breath…

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