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Top 10 reasons why PlayStation Suite makes Android a gaming winner

Top 10 reasons why PlayStation Suite makes Android a gaming winner

The dawn of PlayStation Suite for Android marks a huge turning point for gaming on Google’s OS. At last, we’re not only getting a third-party app store that matters, but also one that’ll put phones using the Big G’s software bang up against the iPhone and its dominant position in the world of mobile gaming. Here’s our Top 10 reasons why Sony’s store will make Android the go-to OS for gamers.

1 It’s “hardware neutral”

Essentially, this means it’ll work on any Android phone running 2.3 or higher, whether they come with physical controls or touchscreens. That means games won’t be built with just one device in mind, so gamers can essentially own whichever Google phone they like and still play nice.

2 PlayStation titles

tomb raider 2

Sony says that classic PSOne titles will be up for grabs when PlayStation Suite launches later this year. That immediately makes this a more hardcore proposition than the iPhone, with the chance to reminisce over some seriously classy games.

3 It’ll be available on the NGP, AKA PSP 2

sony ngp

The Next Generation Portable might not be a phone, but the Suite’s position on the device means devs creating new games will be striving to build games for punters on a full-on gaming platform as well as one based on a mobile phone. That should mean the quality is high.

4 It’s being monitored

android market

One of the key complaints about Android Market is its lack of approval process. Not so PlayStation Suite, which Sony says will have a ‘Certified’ programme to ensure titles are up to snuff. Google could certainly learn something here from the Big S.

5 It’s not just for phones

Samsung Galaxy Tab

That “hardware neutral” factor again. Sony says “tablet PCs” will work with PlayStation Suite, all meaning Honeycomb tablets will be able to get a slice of the gaming action and take the iPad on at its own game.

6 There’s money to be made

scrooge mcduck

Sony has said one of its key concerns with its Android games store is helping devs “expand their business opportunities”. Put simply, that means it wants to make them money. With Google admitting that devs are struggling to cash in via Android Market, perhaps PlayStation Suite is a smarter, more lucrative alternative.

7 Exclusive games

Sony-backed games are more likely to find their way onto PlayStation Suite than onto the App Store. That means you’ll only be able to snag certain titles using Android, immediately putting Apple at a disadvantage.

8 No looking back to old versions of Android

gingerbread android

The fact Sony is opting to put this on Gingerbread or higher shows it’s aware of the damage of trying to bring this to older devices that won’t be able to hack the pace of resource heavy games. PlayStation Suite pushes Android further towards the top tier of smartphones.

9 It gives Android the gaming impetus pre-MWC

All the gaming talk at MWC will focus on PlayStation Suite and how it works on the forthcoming Xperia Play (aka the PlayStation Phone). Without it, gaming would not be a big factor at the world’s biggest mobile show.

10 Utilising bigger screens

htc desire hd

Android phones’ larger screen real estate is prime for gaming content, so blowers with panels of 4-inches will be perfect for the PlayStation Suite. The iPhone’s smaller number will have t get bigger this summer if it wants to compete.

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