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  5. Android is 'just for geeks', says INQ CEO

Android is 'just for geeks', says INQ CEO

Android is 'just for geeks', says INQ CEO

Android smartphones are too geeky and too focused on hardware, the head of INQ has claimed.

Since the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, hit the market back in 2009, the platform has become increasingly mass-market. So much so that a Canalys report last month revealed that more Android phones were shipped during Q4 of 2010 than any other OS.

However, according to Frank Meehan of INQ, Android phones are still failing to appeal to a key demographic. Namely: girls, especially the hot ones who, it appears, shouldn’t worry for their pretty little heads with understanding the complexities of the OS. At least that's what it looks like he's saying to us.

He told Mashable: “If you go to a nightclub in any city in the world, the pretty girl has an iPhone or a BlackBerry.

“She doesn’t have an Android phone. She has no emotional attachment to an Android phone. It’s too complicated. It’s a geek device, it’s all wrong.”

Meehan, whose company recently announced two Facebook focussed phones running Android, claims that the problem lies in Android phone makers prioritising specs over software.

“Android manufacturers are all just focused utterly on the tech, because they’re all hardware guys.

“They don’t get software. They’ve tried to outdo Apple with hardware, but the problem is the customer doesn’t care,” he said.



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