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  5. Amazon Cloud Player app launches on Android

Amazon Cloud Player app launches on Android

Amazon Cloud Player app launches on Android

Amazon has launched Cloud Player, a new app for desktop and Android that enables users to stream music to their devices from the Amazon Cloud Drive even while they are on the move.

Cloud Drive, in case you’ve never heard of it, is a ‘cloud-based’ online file storage service from Amazon much like Windows Skydrive and ZumoDrive. Users can upload MP3 and AAC files on their computers to Amazon’s servers, download the free Cloud Player application for desktop or Android and stream the uploaded songs directly to their device. They can also much more conveniently upload music bought from the Amazon MP3 store by clicking the ‘Save to Amazon Cloud Drive’ button once their purchase is complete.

Existing Amazon users are entitled to 5GB of free storage, but may be eligible for up to 20GB if they purchase an album from the Amazon MP3 store.

Unfortunately for Brits, both Cloud Drive and Cloud Player are currently only available to US customers. However, that’s not to say it won’t land on our shores eventually if the service takes off in the massive way Amazon is clearly hoping. And if Amazon wants to beat Apple to the punch in the area of cloud-based music streaming, it would be foolish not to expand to Europe and beyond.

Those of you living stateside can download Cloud Player for Android free of charge from the Android Market or the recently launched Amazon Appstore.

Source: Amazon via Slashgear

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