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  5. Android apps pulled from market, malware blamed

Android apps pulled from market, malware blamed

Android apps pulled from market, malware blamed

Google has withdrawn 21 apps from the Android Market, after it was discovered they were infected with malware.

The search giant yanked the errant applications from its famously ‘open’ software store after they were flagged as malware by the good, good people at Android Police.

See below for a full list of the malware

According to reports, the apps, which were designed to resemble some of market’s most popular free titles and came courtesy of the cheekily monikered myournet, were intended to obtain root data (that's all your personal shizz) and infect smarties with all manner of other nastiness.

It’s thought that some 50,000 Android device owners have already downloaded the apps. If you think you’re among them, it’s probably a good idea to leave your handset and/or tablet well alone at least until Google puts out another statement. Better yet, give it a spring cleaning with a good old-fashioned factory reset.

The apps that have been expelled and sent to bed without supper are:

Falling Down

Super Guitar Solo

Super History Eraser

Photo Editor

Super Ringtone Maker

Super Sex Positions

Hot Sexy Videos



Hilton Sex Sound

Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls

Falling Ball Dodge

Scientific Calculator

Dice Roller


Advanced Currency Converter

App Uninstaller


Funny Paint

Spider Man

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