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  5. Google updates its official iOS app

Google updates its official iOS app

Google updates its official iOS app

Google has updated its Google Mobile app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with bug fixes and a fresh coat of paint and has even given it a new name to mark the occasion: Google Search.

Google Search, as the name should make fairly obvious, serves as a nexus point for all Google’s popular web searches, such as images, news, shopping, places, blogs, videos - the lot, and has been retooled from the ground up with a brand new user interface and intuitive gestures.

Users can now swipe right to reveal a navigation bar that allows fast switching between specific searches. An upward swipe, meanwhile, reveals the settings menu where you can fiddle around with content in search results you want or don’t want to display.

It also adds Google Goggles support for those still rocking the iPhone 3G and the iPod touch. Google Googles, in case you didn’t know, allows you to take a quick snap of almost any product or item, say a book, and the search giant will scour the web and fetch it for you.

There’s also voice search support, which enables you to simply speak out your query, plus integration with your address book on the device as well as other standalone Google apps such as Maps and Gmail.

Google Search is free to download right now from iTunes.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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