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Android 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich imminent?

Android 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich imminent?

The next iteration of Android for smartphones could be along sooner than we think, online speculation suggests.

For months, tech sites have been reporting that the forthcoming update of the platform would be codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich – in keeping with Google’s habit of naming new versions of Android after moreish snacks.

However, the appearance of a doodle of an Ice Cream Sundae on Google’s homepage over the weekend sparked a fresh of rumours. Some Android watchers have interpreted the sketch as a reference to the fact that the platform upgrade is ready to be pushed out.

google doodle

Of course, there are a number of factors that mitigate against that happening. Firstly, with Android still so fragmented and hardly any handsets running the Gingerbread version other than an elite few, it’s doubtful that Google would push out another update so soon.

More pertinently, there’s every chance that the doodle was simply intended as a celebration of summer and has no bearing on the future direction of Android whatsoever.

It's not yet clear exactly what we can expect when Ice Cream does hit. But interviews with Android movers and shakers suggest that the next update will bring a number of features of the tablet optimised Honeycomb edition of Android to smartphones.

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