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Android app downloads hit 3bn

Android app downloads hit 3bn

The total number of apps downloaded from the Android Market has passed three billion, as Google’s OS continues its challenge for the number one spot in the smartphone market.

The platform reached the landmark some 20 months after opening its doors, amid a 50 per cent year on year rise in downloads during the fourth quarter of 2010.

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Google, which revealed the figure in its quarterly earnings call, also disclosed that 350,000 Android phones are being activated daily.

That’s pretty impressive given that this time last year just 60,000 handsets powered by the OS were being activated.

However, before you go assuming the smartphone war is as good as won, think on this: Apple’s App Store passed ten billion downloads some time ago.

What’s more, given the burgeoning market for iPad apps and the relative lack of titles optimised for Android tablets, you’d fancy Apple’s platform to stay at the top of the tree for a while yet.

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