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Amazon Android tablet family incoming?

Amazon Android tablet family incoming?

Amazon is preparing a slew of Android tablets, speculation suggests, as challengers continue to line-up to usurp the iPad at the top of the nascent slate market.

The retailer has been strongly rumoured to be working on a tablet powered by Google's Android operating system for months, with industry analysts positing that it is the company best placed to challenge Apple. The received wisdom is that Amazon will sell the device at a subsidised price and recoup its initial hit through sales of ebooks and apps.


The conjecture got a veneer of credibility last week when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked outright about the company’s plans in an interview with Consumer Reports and replied with an instruction to “watch this space”.

Now it seems that it’s not a single tablet we should be looking out for, but a whole range of them. If an industry insider cited by Android and Me is to believed, anyway.

As is often the way, the tech deep throat wasn’t prepared to disclose exactly what’s up Amazon’s sleeve. But he did reveal that an “entire family of devices” is in the pipeline and that they’ll be dropping before Christmas.

The devices part of that statement suggests that we could be looking at an Amazon branded smartphone, too. Plus, a set of tablets of different specs and screen sizes a la Samsung’s approach with the Galaxy Tab 2. Either way, we'll let you know as soon as we do.

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