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  5. Android NFC press call scheduled tomorrow

Android NFC press call scheduled tomorrow

Android NFC press call scheduled tomorrow

Google is holding a press event tomorrow to put flesh on the bones of its plan to ramp up Android phones' Near Field Communications (NFC) credentials, as the search giants steps up moves to allow your smartphone to double as a digital wallet.

NFC technology came to the Android platform with the release of Android 2.3, AKA Gingerbread, and allows smartphone users to pay for low-ticket goods and services simply by waving their handset over a reader.

Until now, little use has been made of the feature. However, that looks set to change at Google's upcoming New York press call where it will reportedly outline its strategy to encourage greater take-up of NFC.

According to a report from US business bods the Wall Street Journal, Google will roll-out its contactless payments program in New York only initially and has secured a number of high-profile partners to participate, including sarnie sages Subway and Selfridges-wannabes Macy’s.

The project will also reportedly offer Android phone owners the chance to amass loyalty points when paying using the tech and manage their banking with specially created apps that take advantage of NFC tech, the site claims.

Earlier this year, the WSJ disclosed that Google has been working on a mobile payments platform with Citigroup and Mastercard, as well as manufacturers of credit card readers.



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