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  5. Google Android@Home to take control of your appliances

Google Android@Home to take control of your appliances

Google Android@Home to take control of your appliances

Appliances, the first true ‘apps’ that are sitting in your home, doing your laundry and keeping your food fresh, will soon be accessible on your Android.

Or at least according to Google’s vision, as laid out in its annual I/O developer conference yesterday where it unveiled Android@Home, a new initiative that would see Android becoming integrated part of your household as well as your pocket.

Although Big G was light on the specifics, what we understand is that it’s aiming for a central, Android powered hub from which you can access and control various electronics in your home, from wireless light switches to the refrigerators (think: home of the future).

It’s safe to assume users will also be able to keep an eye on things via their Android smarties while they are away from home sweet home.

Hugo Barra, director of product management for Google, said in the keynote: "We want to think of every device in your home as a connection to Android apps.”

Google will be partnering with Lighting Science for its wireless lighting technology combined with a new wireless network developed by Google, which will become open source.

Eric Holland, vice president of electrical engineering at Lighting Science, said: "Google reached out to us, but we were already working on something similar."

Initial plans include five products, including internal lamps and external lighting. Although no firm date has been announced, Holland expects it to ship by the end of the year.

So, is it a gimmick or the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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