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  5. Google announces Android movie rentals service

Google announces Android movie rentals service

Google announces Android movie rentals service

Google has announced the launch of a new movie rental service for its Android operating system in a bid to take a bite out of Apple’s share of the Hollywood pie.

Dubbed simply Movies, the iTunes challenger was showcased at the search giant’s annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco.

Fandroids can now visit a new dedicated section at the Android Market, select what they want to watch and check-out, where they will have the option to watch it on the native movie player application or the web browser on YouTube depending on the device being used.

Prices start at $1.99 (roughly £1.20) per flick, which will be available to watch for 30 days after payment. However, once you’ve started watching, you have just 24 hours to finish it.

Alas, there’s no way to purchase and keep a movie for good. Speculation suggests that Google was unable to negotiate a deal with the Hollywood heavyweights until the last minute. So for now at least, users will have to continue to rely on other sources (coughitunescough) for their movie collection needs.

Currently the service is only available to US customers that own the Motorola Xoom with Verizon but will be rolled out internationally in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Android maker has also made another major entertainment-related announcement at the I/O event, which was the unveiling of its new cloud-based music storage and streaming service, Music Beta. This allows users to sync their entire music collection to Google’s servers and access from any compatible device.

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