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  5. iPhone 5 to feature iPad screen ratio and detached flash

iPhone 5 to feature iPad screen ratio and detached flash

iPhone 5 to feature iPad screen ratio and detached flash

Apple’s iPhone 5 may match the aspect ratio of the iPad screen and boast a detached camera flash, the latest leaks suggest.

A case design posted by Chinese iPhone case seller Kulcase on shows a mock design for what’s supposed to be the fifth-generation iPhone featuring a wider, bezel-to-bezel screen, much like the leaked engineering drawings in March, and a repositioned flash for the rear-mounted camera, which is now at the right hand side.

What’s more, has just released what it claims to be leaked snaps of the camera components of the iPhone that reveal that the flash is no longer attached to the camera, which adds further credence to the relocated flash in the case design.

Although it’s anybody’s guess right now, it is entirely possible that the new flash is a more powerful variety, so the repositioning is unlikely to cause any problems as far as image quality is concerned.

Meanwhile, Patently Apple has unearthed a new Apple patent application that sheds more light on exactly what Cupertino has in mind for UK based Nuance’s voice recognition technology for.

According to the site, the tech would be used in two types of scenarios: noisy environments and meetings, when it may not be possible to listen to a conversation. Instead, the words spoken in either direction would be converted and displayed as text to allow uninterrupted communication.

Despite the steady flow of rumours and supposed leaks, there is still no concrete information on exactly when we might see the iPhone 5 launch. Recently an AT&T representative stateside revealed that it might not arrive till September due to parts shortages in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami disaster.


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