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Compare giffgaff mobile deals, upgrades, coverage, perks, speeds & more

giffgaff is rated by many as among the UK’s best value operators, with affordable pricing and flexible plans.

Why choose giffgaff?

  • Earn cash with payback

    Get paid for every member you recommend to giffgaff and earn payback points in cash or credit for answering questions in community forums.

  • Plans from £5 per month

    giffgaff offers some of great value SIM only plans, all of which include free calls and texts to giffgaff numbers and inclusive roaming in the EU and selected destinations.

  • Freedom to switch tariffs

    giffgaff offers a range of plans with a selection of minutes, texts and data to suit your needs. You can change, upgrade or take a break from your plan to suit you.

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Top giffgaff deals

Bestselling SIM Only Deal
giffgaff Multi SIM Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 3GB data No contract £10.00 per month Buy now


giffgaff offers a range of keenly-priced plans to help customers save money. Here are some other benefits you'll get if you join giffgaff.

  • Payback points: Earn Payback points in return for cash, top-up credit or a donation to charity.
  • No contracts: The flexible goodybags last one month, so you can change your tariff each month or cancel at anytime.


giffgaff offers inclusive roaming in 37 locations in the EU and beyond.

To find out more, check out our handy giffgaff international roaming FAQ.


giffgaff is highly reputed mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that runs on the O2 network. It is best known for its low cost SIM only deals that include a generous allowance of minutes with unlimited texts and unlimited data for a minimum monthly top-up.

Its manifesto is to keep things simple and affordable. It does this by involving its own users in the sales, marketing and customer service operations, thus keeping costs down and in turn passing back the savings to you: the customer.

Customer Service

In keeping with its strapline: ‘the mobile network run by you’, GiffGaff’s customer service is operated by its own customers who answer your queries and help you out when you’re stuck. You can do it too and are generously rewarded with GiffGaff points, not to mention the satisfaction of helping others.

Another advantage of this approach is that it removes the hassle you typically face when dealing with a big mobile operator. You’re able to get help a lot quicker, you don’t have to wait in long call centre queues, and by helping others you help yourself too.


GiffGaff provides four main SIM only packages, also known as ‘goodybags’. These involve minimum monthly top-ups of £10, £15, £20 and £25 respectively.

Each comes with monthly allowance of airtime, unlimited texts and mobile internet, plus free GiffGaff-to-GiffGaff calls.

You can also pick up a data only ‘gigabag’ package, which gets you select amounts of monthly data usage for your tablet devices.

There are no lengthy contracts or cancellation fees involved. You simply top-up each month and reap the rewards.


GiffGaff operates on O2’s network. That means you enjoy the same extensive signal coverage with 3G internet access available to more than 80 per cent of the UK population.


giffgaff is a very new company – an infant, if you will, compared to the rest of the industry. It was founded in 2009 and operates online only.

That means it has no stores or massive call centres like the big networks. What it has, though, is a small team of dedicated employees and a growing community that helps run various aspects of the company.

What makes it unique amongst other networks is that it is built around the principle of ‘Mutuality’, which simply means that what benefits the customer is also beneficial for the network.

By helping other users or bringing new ones to join the network, GiffGaff customers are remunerated with a system called ‘Payback’ whereby they receive points that can be redeemed every six months as either top-up credit, cash via PayPal account, or as a donation to a community-nominated charity, which GiffGaff matches with the equivalent amount.

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