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Google Nexus Prime: Samsung not HTC on board after all?

Google Nexus Prime: Samsung not HTC on board after all?

Samsung will be assuming manufacturing detail for the third Google-branded Android phone, a series of loose-lipped tweets from Sammy’s Romanian division suggest.

Online speculation has linked Samsung to the as yet unconfirmed phone ever since hints about its existence first surfaced. LG and HTC, which was named in conjunction with the handset just today have subsequently been rumoured to be in the frame to make the handset on Google’s behalf too.

But today fresh evidence from the official Samsung Romania Twitter feed has emerged indicating that Samsung, which is responsible for the current-gen Nexus S, is the preferred manufacturing partner for the forthcoming phone after all.

Asked a poser about the currently totally unofficial phone, the rep in charge of fielding questions disclosed that “the production will be started now [sic], most likely to arrive in late 2011”.

The Sammy insider also revealed that the handset will debut Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) – the all-new iteration of Google’s operating system. This would be in keeping with Google’s approach to using the Nexus One and Nexus S to showcase Froyo and Gingerbread respectively.

Alas, the Tweeter in question, whose missives have since been removed and explained away as the purported work of a third-party agency, didn’t confirm anything else about the smartphone that’s being alternately dubbed the Nexus 3 and the Nexus Prime.

However, if we can believe the hype we’re in for a phone with 4G support in the US and a dedicated button for the search giant’s Google+ social networking service, as well as a whopping screen of up to 4.7-inches.


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