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Top 10 all-time Android stats

Top 10 all-time Android stats

Android’s march continues today, with Google revealing impressive figures about just how many phones it’s activating daily and the number of devices in the wild packing the open source OS. So, to celebrate, how’s our pick of the Top 10 all-time Android stats. Google geeks: get ready to fill your brains with some killer info.

1 130 million

Android army

The number of Android devices in the wild right now. Google revealed the colossal figure during its quarterly earnings call last night. From a standing start just three years ago, it’s now catching iOS and its 200 million iPads, iPhones and iPod touches.

2 100 million

How many Android phones and tablets there were last time Google officially revealed the same figures. That was only two and half months ago at Google I/O. Google should reach 200 million by the end of 2011.

3 550,000

andy rubin logo

Number of Android phones and tablets activated every day. That number has soared by 50,000 in just two and a half weeks, since Android chief Andy Rubin stated on Twitter that the Big G was firing up half a million phones and slates daily.

4 111


According to Wikipedia, there have been 111 Android phones released since 2008. In the same time, Apple has released just three: the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

5 38

htc flyer large

Number of Android tablets released, again according to Wiki. That doesn’t include the HTC Flyer, so you can call it 39. Google is said to be prepping its own Nexus Tablet for release later this year.

6 250,000

android market new

How many apps there are currently in Android Market. The phone version of the store has just had a revamp, as Google looks to stymy fears of malware and make its add-ons more attractive.

7 45.2 per cent

Android’s UK smartphone share in June 2011 according to Kantar Worldpanel. That’s up from 10.7 per cent in June last year. iOS is way back on 18.3 per cent.

8 57 per cent

Google’s market share in the US according to the same survey done by Kantar. This is largely thanks to RIM and Nokia going into free fall in the last year.

9 4

android ice cream

Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be the fourth full version of Google’s OS and is due out later this year. In that time, a string of minor improvements have also been released, although the Big G says it will now slow the number of iterative updates.

10 1

number one

Google’s position in the smartphone charts around the world. Symbian has been eviscerated, while RIM and iOS trail in its wake. Can anything stop the march of the Android army?

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