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Android ‘smartwatch’ range announced by Italian designers

Android ‘smartwatch’ range announced by Italian designers

The days of pretending your wristwatch is anything other than a simple timepiece is over, thanks to a new Android powered ‘smartwatch’ range from Italian outfit Blue Sky.

Designed and assembled in Italia under the I’m Watch label, the colourful watches run a specially modified version of Google’s Android operating system, accessible via their 1.54-inch touchscreen.

Like a regular-sized phone, they come preloaded with a number of popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS and contacts pre-installed.

Although it doesn’t directly make phone calls like previous watch phone efforts from the likes of LG, it can be paired with an existing Android smartphone using Bluetooth, which enables you to use the watch to quickly check the caller ID of incoming calls, view notifications on social networks, emails, messages and so on.

Writing on their website, inventors Massimiliano Bertolini and Manuel Zenella, said: “We are convinced that man has something inborn, intangible but truly unique and grand: creativity, fantasy, capability of conceiving brilliant ideas and the drive of wanting to realise them.

“We did it and tried to do it in the best of ways. That is to say, we have extrapolated an innovative and high-tech idea and aroused in ourselves a fundamental that excels in the Italian spirit: creative design.”

The watches come in white, blue, green, yellow, red, pink and black and are currently available to preorder from €299 (approx. £260).

For the more lavish spenders, however, a range of special ‘jewel’ edition of the watches is also available, fashioned from various precious metals and gems.

The white gold and diamonds version, for example, is going for €14,999. A small price to pay surely for the admiring looks that come with sporting such bling?


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