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Amazon Android app store live in UK?

Amazon Android app store live in UK?

Amazon could have finally launched its Android applications store in the UK, testimonies from users in Blighty suggest.

The US version of the site, dubbed Amazon Appstore, launched way back in March. And with no little fanfare either, after the retailer inked a deal that gave it limited-period exclusivity on the Rio instalment of casual gaming behemoth Angry Birds, plus a slew of subsequent giveaways on similarly blockbusting titles.

The international launch, somewhat oddly, is a much more muted affair. Right now, there’s been no official confirmation that it’s gone live. Curious, no? Curious and then some, we’re saying.

amazon app store

And muddying the waters further is that those Fandroids who have managed to download apps have done so via The UK site appears the same as ever, with nary a sign of the application market being open for business.

Either way, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if Amazon launched its offering now, given mounting speculation that it will unveil an Android powered tablet-cum-E-reader in November.



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