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Amazon Android Kindle tablet leaks, due November

Amazon Android Kindle tablet leaks, due November

Specs for the much-discussed, lesser-spotted Amazon Android tablet have emerged online, confirming once and for all the existence of the device as well as Amazon’s plan to take the fight to Apple with a sweet price point.

According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, who got up close and personal with the slate, Amazon’s first effort rocks a seven-inch screen that doubles as a colour e-reader and dispenses with front-facing buttons in favour of an all touchscreen user interface.

The device also features a look not a million miles from the BlackBerry PlayBook and an unspecified version of Android with an all-new Amazon custom skin slathered over the top.

Sounds sweet, no? It gets better. The Kindle Android slate will reportedly sell for what’s surely a loss-leading $250 (£155). That’s less than half the price of the iPad and bears out pre-release chatter that Amazon’s clout as a retailer will enable it to mount the stiffest challenge yet to Apple in the nascent tablet space.

The low price point has been facliliated in part by Amazon’s decision to keep on board storage at a minimum, with owners instead availing themselves of the company’s impressive cloud storage repositories as well as opting not to include a camera.

To further sweeten the deal, Amazon will bundle the device with a free subscription to Amazon Prime, giving them unfettered access to the Instant Video on-demand TV service as well as preferential shipping costs on product orders through the site.



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