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Android Ice Cream Sandwich ruled out for Google Nexus One

Android Ice Cream Sandwich ruled out for Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One owners will be frozen out of the Ice Cream Sandwich love-in, it has emerged, with the news that the search giant has no plans to make the latest, loveliest version of its OS available for its debut handset.

At last week's unveiling of the first-ever Ice Cream Sandwich-powered phone, the Galaxy Nexus, Google product manager Gabe Cohen stated that owners of any smartphone running the 2.3 iteration of the software could expect an upgrade to version 4.0. In theory, at least.

However, that statement looks a little less robust today, after Hugh Barra, also a product mover and shaker at Google, admitted that its own-branded Nexus One, currently running Android 2.3, is just too decrepit to support a bump to Ice Cream Sandwich. Most likely because it lacks the requisite processing brawn.

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Happily, there was better news for owners of the Google Nexus S. According to the Telegraph, Barra has reiterated that Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely coming to the second Google smartie and that it will begin rollout in a matter of weeks of the Galaxy Nexus's November 16th launch.

Touted as a solution-cum-sticking-plaster for the fragmentation problems that have plagued Android, Ice Cream Sandwich combines elements of the tablet optimised Honeycomb take on the OS with the Gingerbread edition for smartphones.

Features it brings to the platform include a Face Unlock mode, which does exactly what it says on the tin, and an improved multi-tasking user interface.


The Telegraph

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