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Google Nexus Prime dropping November 3rd?

Google Nexus Prime dropping November 3rd?

The Google Nexus Prime could be due for launch early next month, reports suggest, after missing its expected debut at today's Samsung Unpacked event.

The third Google-branded Android phone, which will be the first handset to run the latest Ice Cream Sandwich iteration of Android and is being manufactured by Samsung on behalf of the search giant, was scheduled to launch at the CTIA tech expo.

With days to go until the grand reveal, however, it was pulled for reasons that remain in some doubt. Samsung and Google stated only that the time was not right for a device to launch, leading many to posit they had made the decision out of respect to recently deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs.

How long we’d now have to wait for the Nexus Prime has been similarly shrouded in mystery, with nary a sign of an official rescheduled due date.

Nexus Prime promo shot

In the meantime, a mobile industry expert hinted that it could be facing long delays, as Google makes changes to its user interface to avert legal action.

However, chances of a teeth-gnashingly long postponement appeared to recede today after a source told Phandroid that the Nexus Prime will be released on November 3rd, suggesting that we’ll get a big press launch any day now.

Features of the phone remain unknown. However, it is thought to sport a curved design and a whopping 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display that almost nudges Google’s kit into tablet territory.

It’s also rumoured to be home to a dual core 1.5GHz processor and an eight megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording smarts.



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