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iPhone 5 to shun Google Maps?

iPhone 5 to shun Google Maps?

Apple has acquired a 3D mapping company, sparking speculation it may ditch Google Maps in favour of an app of its own for future smartphones.

According to reports, Apple paid $240 million for C3 Technologies in a deal that would enable the Cupertino-based tech giant to create a Google Maps-style application of its own.

And not just any application either. C3’s expertise lies in developing photo realistic maps harnessing high-tech defence technology previously reserved for targeting missiles, potentially making Google Maps look more than a little bit superannuated in comparison.

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Perhaps most importantly, Apple could use the results to replace the Google Maps application that currently comes pre-installed in all iPhones. And in so doing, strike a blow at Google’s rival Android platform.

News of strategising down in Cupertino comes after a recent bio of Apple founder Steve Jobs brought to light the extent of the animosity he felt towards Android.

According to author Walter Isaacson, Jobs once vowed to wage “thermonuclear war” to “destroy Android” after becoming irked over Android phones’ alleged similarity to the iPhone.


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