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Android phones get LoveFilm app

Android phones get LoveFilm app

A LoveFilm app has landed on Android phones, offering subscribers to the chance to manage their movie rentals direct from their handset.

The application, which also features plenty of cinephile-centric info about the films in the service's library and the chance to watch trailers and read reviews, is free to all LoveFilm customers who pay £5.99 or more for their package.

But while all that’s very nice, anyone looking forward to a LoveFilm application that offered live streaming of fillums – and we’ve got it on good authority that’s a fair few of you - will be bitterly disappointed.

lovefilm android

As it stands, steaming simply isn’t an option, even over Wi-Fi. And when approached by TechRadar, the creators admitted there’s no immediate plans to change that.

Still, the option to update your rental list while you’re on the go, isn’t to be sneezed at we suppose.

If you’re of a mind to give it a bash and you’re not a LoveFilm customer, you can grab a 30-day free trial by entering the code ANDROID01 at the Android Market at the point of purchase.

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