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Google branded tablet inbound in six months?

Google branded tablet inbound in six months?

Google may soon join the burgeoning tablet market with a slate of its own, executive chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Schmidt said: “We plan to bring a tablet to market of the highest quality in the next six months.”

Although he doesn’t explicitly mention a branded slate, a Nexus tablet is inevitable if the search giant is to put a dent on the Apple iPad’s continued dominance of the tablet market with over 60 per cent of sales worldwide in the last quarter.

He went on to add that competition will intensify further between the California-based tech giants in the mobile space, where Android has fared much better and gained tremendous traction in the last year.

“You will see brutal competition between Apple and Google Android. It is capitalism.”

The release of Ice Cream Sandwich, which merges features of the smartphone-based iterations of the Android operating system with those of the tablet-optimised Honeycomb, will also make the prospect of a Google branded tablet more probable. And if current trend is anything to go by, Samsung will almost certainly be the one to manufacture it.

However, any tablet created by the Korean electronics maker may have to wait until it has resolved its acrimonious legal battle with Apple over allegations of ‘slavishly’ copying the iPad’s design and technology to the Galaxy Tab.

Source: Corriere della Sera [Translated] via GSMArena

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