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  5. World’s first Android store opens in Australia

World’s first Android store opens in Australia

World’s first Android store opens in Australia

The world’s first official Android themed retail store has opened in Melbourne’s CBD, giving OZ Fandroids a place to congregate much like their Apple counterparts.

Androidland Melbourne

The imaginatively named ‘Androidland’ is a collaboration between network Telstra and Google, boasting 1657 square feet of total Android deliciousness, including life-size statues of our beloved green mascot and a ‘spaceship’ hub with large touchscreens and controllers to play Angry Birds, create your own ‘YouDroid’ and browse Google Earth.

Different parts of the store even offer a unique smell, such as gingerbread, in an area dedicated to the popular OS iteration, or grass where the decorations are predominantly grass-themed – making for an all-round sensory experience for visitors.

Androidland Melbourne 2

Of course, punters can buy a range of Android products and merchandise too in the store. However, its real purpose is not purely a commercial one, but to also educate consumers about the Android platform and the wide range of Android devices available.

Phillip Redman, mobile analyst at Gartner, said: “I don’t think anyone expects major revenue from the retail channel, but it is becoming a necessity.

“With the number of phones, tablets and net books running Android, as well as the partner support, it makes sense.” 
It’s unclear whether more Androidland stores are planned outside of Australia, especially in Europe and the US. A full-scale launch on our shores might depend entirely on whether the Melbourne unit is a success. So you Aussies, get out there and make sure it is!


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