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Android tablets get BBC app

Android tablets get BBC app

Android tablet owners have finally got a dedicated BBC news application, as the Beeb responds to the growing numbers of consumers accessing news on mobile internet-enabled devices.

Already available in similar form for the iPad, the Android tablet version of the app features a layout optimised for slates packing screens larger than 7.1-inches.

bbc android tablets

Devices with screen dimensions below that cut-off point will still use the existing smartphone version.

The app is intended to make it easy to navigate through the site’s news sections in landscape and portrait mode and enables users to tailor these to suit their interests.

On-demand video is also available over 3G and Wi-Fi. And there’s a host of easy sharing options too.

Kate Milner, Mobile News Chief at the BBC, stated: "Growing numbers of people are accessing BBC News on mobiles and tablets.

"In an average week, the BBC News sites and apps are visited by around 9.7m users worldwide on mobile and tablet devices. That represents about 26 per cent of the total.”

Future versions of the app will feature the News Channel live, as well as homescreen widgets.

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