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  5. Google ups Android app sizes to 4GB

Google ups Android app sizes to 4GB

Google ups Android app sizes to 4GB

Google has increased the maximum capacity of Android apps from 50MB to a generous 4GB, giving developers ample room to create even bigger and better software.

The change comes as a wave of powerful devices sporting quad core processors are set to land on store shelves, enhancing the prospect of more sophisticated applications and games than was possible with the previous cap.

Apps will be hosted on the Android Market, saving devs server costs, while users will be able to see the total size of apps and all downloadable content before they install/purchase anything.

Although smaller apps are actually easier for users to download, the additional capacity combined with the latest-gen specs could open up the door to higher quality 3D games that potentially match the production values of those found on handheld consoles.

However, it’s highly likely that bitesize titles will continue to be the staple choice for most devs as the market for entry-level and mid-range devices with lower-end hardware continues to expand.


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