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  5. iPad 3 specs betting withdrawn by SkyBet

iPad 3 specs betting withdrawn by SkyBet

iPad 3 specs betting withdrawn by SkyBet

Sky has suspended betting on the iPad 3’s spec sheet, quashing the hopes of savvy Apple apostles hoping to turn a quick buck with their tech-smarts.

The broadcasting and comms giant's betting division had been running a book on features that are most likely to be present and correct when the iPad 3 is unveiled on March 7th.

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But just hours after betting began, the book was closed. For good.

The reason? Turns out the massed ranks of obsessive Apple watchers were so on-the-money with their predictions and so united in what they expected to be on board that Sky decided getting involved in iPad 3 betting wasn’t such a smart idea after all.

Sky Bet's Helen Jacob told TechRadar: "Within a half an hour of the markets opening we took a flood of money including a string of very chunky three-figure bets.

"If the money is correct, then the new hardware will definitely not have a new carbon fibre casing, will not be called the iPad 2S and will have 128GB of storage!"

Among the betting options that had been available were the much-rumoured high-density retina display and quad-core processor, both of which we think are nigh-on dead certs for the third-gen tablet.

A longer-life battery is also deemed likely to feature by tech-watchers, as is a redesigned exterior that dispenses with a physical home button.

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